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P-1408 Dog Eyeball Anatomical Model


Type: Medical Anatomical Model

Min. Order:100 Pieces

FOB Price:US$ 9.23 - 10.22 / Pieces

Model Number:P-1408

Brand Name:Hoo Design

FOB Port:Shenzhen

Lead Time:35 - 40 days

Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (TT,T/T)

Country of Origin:China (mainland)

Request SampleSample Cost: US$ 100 (The price does not includes mailing costs.)

Primary Competitive Advantages:


Primary Competitive Advantages:

*Product Features

*Product Performance

*Prompt Delivery

*Quality Approvals



*Small Orders Accepted

*Country of Origin

*Experienced Staff

*Form A



Main Export Markets:



*Central/South America

*Eastern Europe

*Mid East/Africa

*North America

*Western Europe



Key Specifications/Special Features:

Dog eyeball anatomical model sets

This model makes an ideal teaching aid to know the dog’s eyeball.

It's approximately 4 times life size for easy study. 

Delivery Details:

FOB Port:Shenzhen

Lead Time: 35 - 40 days

Units per Export Carton:12

Export Carton Dimensions L/W/H: 60 × 50 × 35 Centimeters

Export Carton Weight:12 Kilograms


Key Contact Person:

Mr. Gordon Dong

E-mail: Skype:  QQ:462996300


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Key Contact Person:

Mr. Gordon Dong

E-mail: QQ: 462996300