Tylosin Phosphate 25% Premix

Tylosin Phosphate 25% Premix

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Product Description

Tylosin Phosphate 25% Premix

Tylosin phosphate equivalent to tylosin base 25.0g

Excipients                      up to 100.0g



 Tylosin is a macrolide antibiotic with a bacteriostatic effect (inhibiting the synthesis of the bacterial proteins) against Gram-positive and Some Gram-negative microorganisms-Streptococcus spp., Staphylococcus spp., Erysipelothrix spp., Corynebacterium spp., Serpulina (Treponema) hyodysenterae, Borrelia, Spirochaeta spp., Campylobacteri (vibrio) coli, Pasteurella spp.,Brucella spp.,Ricketsia spp.,Mycoplasma spp.,some large viruses, including also some anaerobic microorganisms (Fusobacterium spp., Bacteroides spp.), etc.It is active against Chlamidia spp.as well.Tylosin does not act antimicrobially directly on the bacteria of the family Enterobacteriaceae (E.coli, Salmonella spp.), but reveals an antiadhesive activity (hindering their adhesion on the intestinal vili, their penetration through the intestinal mucous membrane and impeding their colonization’s phase as well).

  Tylosin has also an anticoccidial activity mostly against Eimeria tenella.

  It also improves weight gain and feed conversion efficiency.


For prevention and treatment of infections caused by tylosin-sensitive pathogenic microorganisms-mycoplasmosis, chronic respiratory disease,and infectious synovitis in chickens and turkeys;infectious sinusitis in turkeys; spirochetosis (borreliosis) in chickens; dysentery in pigs; for prevention of liver abscesses caused by Spherophorus necrophorus and Corynebacterium pyogenes) in calves.


Tylison must not be applied in lactating animals, the milk of which is intended for consumption or for technological processing.It must not be given to laying hens in poultry farms, which produce eggs for consumption (its use in stock layers is not contraindicated).


Tylosin is well tolerated by treated animals and it seldom induces undesirable effects.It is reported that, when applied into the feed of pigs, it may cause edema of rectal mucosa and mild anal protrusion with pruritis, erythema,and diarrhea.


Tylosin is compatible with tetracycline,sulphonamides, spectinomycin and the common dietary components of the feeds.It must not be included in compositions containing more than 2% of bentonite.


 The person handling the product should wear breathing mask, rubber gloves, and protective goggles.


Orally, well homogenized into the feed.In order to reach uniform homogenization with feed, it is recommended to mix the measured quantity of the preparation (calculated on the basis of the prescribed dose) on stages in the following order: up to 10 kg feed; up to 100 kg feed; and up to 1000 kg feed.   

DOSAGE in g/ton feed.


* For prevention of dysentery and necrotic enteritis as per the following schedule

up to 25 kg body weight:           400 g

from 25 kg to 45 kg body weight:    160 g

over 45 kg body weight:            80 g

* For therapeutic treatment of dysentery

Treatment is initiated with tylosin tartrate applied into the drinking water

(1g per 4-8 l of water in the course of 3-5 days),and then continues

with Tylosin 25%premix, applied into the feed-400 g for 2-3 weeks, followed

by l60 g until there is no longer hazard of recurrence or new invasions.

Calves for fattening

For prevention of liver abscesses

32-40 g in the ration continuously or at a dose of 0.24-0.36g/head/daily.


* For prevention of chronic respiratory disease in chickens and infectious sinusitisand synovitis in turkey-poults:

4000 g daily during the first 3-5days after hatching out, and for another

2 days during the 4th week.

* For therapeutic treatment of the above mentioned diseases:

4000 g once daily for 3 to 7 days;

* Borreliosis (spirochetosis): 2000 g daily in the course of 5-7 days with a

 simultaneous vaccination.   

* In stress conditions of chickens and turkey-poults  (vaccination, transporting, rehousing, overcrowding, abrupt changes in feed or in environmental temperature):

2000 g daily in the course of 5-10 days.


For meat :Pigs-zero(0)days; Poultry-one (1)day;Calves-zero (0) days.

STORAGE In the original packing, well closed.in dry and well-ventilated facilities,

protected from direct sunlight at temperature between 15℃-25℃.

SHELF-LIFE Two (2) years from the date of manufacture.

Packaging Detail:*25kg/Fiber Drum;(Standard export packing)
                                 *1kg,5kg,10kg Aluminum tin/Carton;
                                 *500gm,1kg,5kg,10kg Aluminum bag/Fiber Drum;
                                  or Package of bottle,box,bag,can be customized

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Contact Person: Mr.Gordon Dong
Tel:+86-29-86690330   Fax:+86-29-88712163   Mobile: +86-13891930268
E-mail:info@huavet.net & sales@huavet.net  Skepe:dongjx@hotmail.com  QQ:462996300

Your inquiry will be highly appreciated and we are pleased to enter into business relation with you.
We are always ready to provide you with our best quality, competitive price and professional service.
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PRODUCT LIST------OEM Veterinary Preparations

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Abendazole Bolus Tablet (300mg 600mg, 2500mg);
2.5% Toltrazuril Oral Solution;
25% Tilmicosin Oral Solution;


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*Raw material Granules & Coating Granules.
*All kinds of Premixes & Additives & WSP Powder,Granules and Coating Granules.

Produced from stearyl alcohol and methyl behenate.
Manage QA/ LAB/ Formulation to ensure quality products manufacturing.

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